/project creation process

/proces powstawania projektu

/proces powstawania projektu

/proces powstawania projektu

/proces powstawania projektu

01 /architect's audit

Preliminary recognition of customer expectations, joint development of the overall shape and scope of the project.

02 /establishing the aesthetics and understanding the client's needs

Detailed knowledge of the client's preferred aesthetics and needs, establishing cooperation principles, specifying the individual elements of the concept: design style, functional solutions used, colors, materials and lighting.

03 /concept of planning the functional and functional layout of the rooms

Carefully analyze and determine the layout of individual rooms in terms of their function, size, equipment.

04 /developing visualizations

Presentation of the project using professional visualizations

05 /discussion of visualization with the client

Consultations with the client regarding the prepared project, introduction of jointly agreed changes.

06 /cost estimate

Presentation of a detailed valuation including solutions used in the project, equipment elements and costs of individual finishing works.

07 /selection of contractors and suppliers

Possibility of choosing contractors and distributors of materials and equipment cooperating with our design office.

08 /technical drawings

Preparation of technical drawings of the developed concept.

09 /investor's supervision / turnkey

Control of individual project implementation stages to ensure compliance of the implementation with the developed concept.

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